Clifford Mulenga turns to FIFA over Jomo Cosmos payment issues


The former Chipolopolo international claims he is owed five months' salary by the Jomo Sono-owned club.

Mulenga says he has attempted, with the assistance of the South African Football Players' Union, to engage with the Mzansi legend over the issue, but with no luck.

Mulenga tells "We were reasonable in trying to tell these people that this is the situation, this is how much money you are owing me and stuff you understand?

"But all our attempts to communicate with them seemed to be falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately Jomo always had some sort of excuse why he wasn't paying me the money and stuff like that, do you understand? So I end up getting frustrated as well because I mean I was struggling financially you know. I have a family to take care of. I have got a kid to take care of. I'm struggling financially and when you try to talk to this person, you know how he is ... he is a bit arrogant you know. He was a bit arrogant in the way he was dealing with my situation you know. He was trying to make it look like it was not his problem but it is because he is my boss understand? I rely on him as his employee for a salary you know.

"So I tried on numerous occasions to talk to him. The players' union sent him emails to tell him about it but he just simply ignored our attempts to talk to him. So we decided that the best route to take was to go to the governing body of football because they are really the ones that run football. They are the ones that implement the laws of football, so it would be best that they handle the case on my behalf you know.

"When the union approached him to try and ask for a meeting with him, and he did not respond to any of the emails of the players' union, they sent him another email to tell him what was going on and how much he was owing me, but he just ignored those emails. He just simply did not read the emails. So it's not like we just decided to go to FIFA just to spite Jomo, to fight with him. We tried to engage with him but he ignored us. So we decided okay, if you want to ignore us then let us go to people that can make him listen.

"The reason we didn't go to the PSL for a case like this it's because I have a foreign ... I mean I have an international status. With the international status you go straight to FIFA. That's why we had to go directly to FIFA, not the PSL DC. So currently even my contract has been terminated on that clause you know, because a FIFA rule states that if a player's contract is breached from two to four months in a row it amounts to a breach of contract. Jomo definitely breached my contract. I still love football. I still want to play football, I had to terminate my contract so I can see if I can get to play for another club somewhere else."

This website tried numerous times to contact Sono, but could not get hold of him.