Clubs plan court action against Safa


Originally 18 clubs, the winners and runners-up of each of the nine provinces, were promised a place in the tournament but after issuing a letter confirming their inclusion, Safa did an about turn and admitted that “a mistake was made by the competitions committee – hence the decision to say we restore the original format of nine teams participating”.

The club owners have now joined forces, sought legal representation and are determined to get their way.

_quote“We wrote to Safa asking for a meeting but they refused,” says Shamiel Kolbee who represents Cape Town’s Mr Price Parkhurst.

“It’s unbelievable how we have been treated. We are not going to let it stop here. A mandate was given to go to an attorney and it must come to arbitration or our legal team will stop everything.”

Former director of competitions Zack Masetle, who managed to get a sponsorship of R1.1-million to cover the hotel bills and other costs for the additional nine teams, is shocked at what is happening and has not ruled out the possibility that Safa’s move was to ‘sabotage’ his idea of including 18 clubs.

“Safa has the money for the 18 teams,” says Masetle. “Why are they only playing nine? Where will that money go now because they have already allocated funds for the nine winners?”

Attorney Julian Apollos confirmed to that he was working on the case.

“I didn’t expect Safa to respond. We gave them a deadline until 12 noon today. Now we are going to try and stop the play-offs,” he says.