Coach Bushy Moloi escapes with life after attack


Moloi was rushed to hospital after being beaten, stabbed and left for dead following an attack, allegedly by officials from the opposition team following a goalless draw between the two sides.

Moloi has since been discharged from hospital after receiving stitches on his face and back and is now recovering at home.

TUT director of sport and recreation Shadrack Nthangeni condemned the incident and is hopeful that SAFA will bring the culprits to book.

"Any form of violence, whether on or off the field, has no place in our society,” Nthangeni tells "This kind of behaviour by supporters and administrators is totally unacceptable.

"We are confident SAFA will deal with this incident accordingly and the perpetrators of the accident will face the full might of the law.”

Moloi was expected to open a case of assault with police in Pretoria on Sunday.