'Confident' Parker leaves for Sweden


Parker has left the country for Sweden together with his Nigerian teammate Felix Obada is also set to have trials with Malmo.

Speaking to prior to his departure, Parker said it was an opportunity that he could not afford to waste and he is confident that he will do well in Sweden.

“This is the opportunity that I have been dreaming of. I trust in my ability and promise to work hard so as to ensure that I make a good impression in Sweden.”

On his performance with Bafana Bafana, which has won praise from local fans, Parker pays tribute to his coach at Thanda, Roger Palmgren, and also to national team mentor Joel Santana for showing confidence in him.

The Boksburg-born striker also expressed his excitement at playing in the same team as his childhood hero, Benni McCarthy against Ghana in Bloemfontein.

“If you are working in an environment where people appreciate your presence, you tend not to disappoint.

“Benni has always been my favourite player and I feel honoured having played in same team with him.”

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