Cristiano Ronaldo responds to alleged rape & victim lawyer explains years of silence


Kathryn Mayorga, the alleged victim has yet to speak to the media since Der Spiegel broke the news about the lawsuit.

Drohobyczer claims her client was 'emotionally fragile' and agreed to an out-of-court settlement nine years ago because she never wanted her to be in the public eye.

According to The Mirror, an official statement from the legal team will be made in an official press conference in Las Vegas today - to address the case in further details.

Drohobyczer said Mayorga, now 34, became worried that her name would become public after a 2017 media report apparently referred to the June 2009 incident at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

However, Drohobyczer insists Mayorga was not a source for the article that was released by the German magazine last Friday.

It's been said her client also was influenced in recent months by the #MeToo movement of women making public allegations of prior sexual assault.

Mayorga met Ronaldo at a nightclub, according to the lawsuit, and went with him and other people to his suite, where the alleged attack took place in a bedroom.

"She came to us and we had concerns with what happened in 2009 ... with the police investigation and the circumstances around the settlement and how the negotiations were conducted," Drohobyczer added.

"We don't believe she had the capacity to enter an agreement at that time due to her emotional state."

She characterized Mayorga in 2009 as emotionally damaged, fearful, depressed and humiliated after the alleged attack and pressure from Ronaldo's representatives.

In the wake of the serious case, Ronaldo has reaffirmed his innocence.