Deposed Mpumalanga Black Aces coach Paul Dolezar says is still at the club


Dolezar was the last coach to be relieved of his head coaching duties by Aces after Aki Agiomamitis and Neil Tovey before the appointment of Mark Harrison, but instead of being shown the door he was parked aside as technical director. "I am still attending all the training sessions, morning and afternoon, and I will keep on doing that until the end of the season," says Dolezar. "As the technical director I am at training to observe and I do that in my tracksuit. I only put on a suit when I go out with my wife. My other duties include watching all the teams that Aces will be playing in the coming weeks and then compiling a report for the coach and management.  The coach and management then decide on what to do with the report that I compile for them after watching those teams. "Regarding the issue of if I have to be there on match day when Aces play, that is entirely up to the chairmen. But as of now I am keeping on with my duties that I have been told to do," says Dolezar. Asked about the mood in camp as Aces seem definitely headed down, Dolezar said he would rather not comment about that. "Even though I attend training every day, I would rather not talk about the team because all I do is observe and compile a report," says Dolezar.