Dinha gets deal with Black Aces


The Zimbabwean-born player, who has been without a club since he left FC AK a year ago has signed with Aces up to the end of June, with the hope that his arrival will change the fortunes of the team that has mastered the art of deceiving by continually disappointing.

“We agreed to sign Dinha up to the end of June because the coaches are impressed by his attitude,” club manager Peter Koutroulis tells snl24.com/kickoff.

_quote“We finalised everything with him on Monday and for now it is just a matter of submitting his forms to the PSL for registration. We have agreed that he plays up to the end of the season although we have a verbal agreement that there is a chance of extending his deal,” says Koutroulis.

“He has really proven that he is up to the challenge of doing a job for us, despite having not played for a while.

“In the one month that he has been training with us, he has been travelling from Johannesburg to Witbank daily at his own expense and never complained. That shows he is a rare player who has done what not so many other players would do,” adds Koutroulis.

Since arriving in the country almost 10 years ago Dinha has featured at Seven Stars, Ajax Cape Town, Orlando Pirates before being financially enticed to FC AK in the First Division.