Discgraced former officials are shown some leniency by FIFA following an appeal


The original decision taken by the independent Ethics Committee was to ban Valke and Chung for 12 and six years respectively.

Valke, the former secretary general for football's world governing body, was found guilty of breaching FIFA's code of ethics on a number of occasions.

These offences included having conflicts of interest and accepting gifts and for that he was initially handed down a sentence of 12 years that has subsequently been reduced to 10.

"The FIFA Appeal Committee considered that mitigating factors had not been fully assessed by the adjudicatory chamber with regard to Mr Valcke’s attempt to grant TV and media rights in the Caribbean for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups to a third party for a fee far below their actual market value," FIFA said.

"Therefore, the ban imposed by the adjudicatory chamber on Mr Valcke, which entered into force on 10 February 2016, has been reduced from twelve to ten years and the fine of £79,000 has been confirmed."

Meanwhile, Chung has had a year shaved off his sentence as there had not been sufficient evidence to establish whether he had breached the code of ethics.