Dlamini still waiting on Home Affairs


With Cosmos dicing with relegation the pain is amplified for the burly Swaziland striker who is yet to play in an official match since arriving at Ezenkosi in July last year.

“I still go to training everyday and show the same dedication that I would have normally showed if I was eligible to play.

“Even my teammates will attest to that when I am at training, I compete like any other player who is fighting for a starting place in the team. They even ask me sometimes if my papers have been processed because of the way I work hard at training.

“Sometimes, they tease me about my situation, but my family has kept me strong,” he says.

“I keep my work rate high to get over the excessive stress of not playing. By working hard at training, I also avoid getting unnecessary injuries. My motivation emanates from the fact that I want to be part of the fight to get the club out of the terrible position where they are,” says Dlamini, who signed with Ezenkosi after enduring financial hassles at FC AK.

Typical of the optimistic man that he is, Dlamini, who turns 32 on Wednesday, is still holding hope of fighting for a contract extension when he plays.

Dlamini’s contract runs out at the end of the season.

“I have been told that the wait is coming to an end. The encouraging thing is that the people at Home Affairs are even phoning to update us on what is going on seeing that my documents were once misplaced there. You see the fault is not with the club, but the way of doing things at Home Affairs,” says Dlamini.