Emiliano Sala: Distressing WhatsApp voice-notes sent to friends expressing worry surface


Sala was confirmed as one of two people who boarded the aircraft on Monday, just three days after joining Cardiff City from Nantes in a club-record transfer.

It's now been reported that the 28-year-old Argentine shared a WhatsApp audio, in which he explained what he had been doing during the day.

"Hey guys, how is it going? Brother, I am really tired now," he said in Spanish, as per Ole. "I was over in Nantes sorting things out, doing this, doing that.

"I am now aboard a plan that seems like it is falling to pieces. I'm going to Cardiff now, crazy, and tomorrow we get going going [sic]. I will train with my new team tomorrow."

Following on from that message, the former Nantes star sent another note to his friends a little bit later where he states he's worried about the travelling conditions and aircraft.

"How are you guys, all good?" he said. "If you do not have any more news from [me] in an hour and a half, I don't know if they need to send someone to find me. I am getting scared!"

Authorities and those in charge of the search party have stated that chances of finding survivors are very slim due to the adverse weather conditions in the area where the aircraft is believed to have crashed.