FC AK bribery case verdict on Thursday


Explaining the delay in announcing the verdict, PSL prosecutor Zola Majavu that this was normal procedure in lengthy cases where numerous witnesses are called and documents presented for inspection.

Majavu disclosed that seven witnesses from FC AK and an equal number from Mpumalanga Black Aces had been heard in the case that ran for more than two weeks.

He said that both clubs had given their full cooperation and provided key witnesses in support of their arguments.

“Given the volume of evidence presented, the reason behind not giving a verdict immediately is understandable. This is normal because even in a court of law judges often delay in giving their judgment.”

Majavu said the committee would give their final decision to the League, who in turn would notify the clubs, before making it public.

Speaking on behalf of the League, Majavu said that while he understood the urgency of the matter they could not be seen to be interfering with judicial processes that are meant to be independent and therefore they had remained neutral throughout proceedings.

It is understood that FC AK contended at the hearing that Babale and his former boss, Azziz Kara, had had a running battle last season over allegations of match-fixing and unpaid monies.

While with FC AK last season, Babale is alleged to have thrown two games, including the Baymed Cup Final against Free State Stars and a League match against Witbank Spurs.

In the latter game at Eldorado Park, it was alleged that Babale let in an easy goal through his legs after being solicited to do so by another former Kara employee, a security official named Stranger Oliphant.

Claims were made that Babale and Oliphant connived together to bring about the latest bribery scandal and implicate Kara.

FC AK contended that the two former employees set up their former boss by pretending that the DRC-born Babale wanted to do his club a favour by throwing the game between FC AK and Black Aces.

Submissions were that Babale would make a call to Kara to hear if he was interested and that they then planned to involve Aces’ official Peter Koutrolis as witness and to help them find the R10 000 to process the ‘deal’ and carry their plan forward.

It was alleged that Oliphant was given the cash to deposit into Babale’s account so that it would appear to be coming from Kara, whose office is near Standard Bank branch at East Gate Mall where the deposit was made.