FC AK deny bribery allegations


The PSL yesterday ruled that Black Aces’ allegations are ‘valid’ and have passed the matter back to the League prosecutor Zola Majavu to be attended to.

The statement from the Azziz Kara-owned club states:“Early last December Mr Babale on several occasions tried to call our president and even sent sms messages requesting a meeting. When our president reluctantly returned the call of this ex-player of FC AK, he (Babale) explained to our president, Mr Kara, that he was broke and he needed cash for Christmas goodies.

Our Chairman informed Babale that the matter of former FC AK players was being handled by SAFPU and he must direct his enquiries in that direction.

“Mr. Babale was unrepentant and the ex-player pleaded that he was in dire straits. Our President refused to budge to the pestering of this disgruntled ex-player who was adamant and claimed he was not treated well at Black Aces and asked our President if he could take him back in any capacity at the team.

“Our president flatly refused to entertain the player’s requests. Despite his repeated subsequent pestering calls, Mr. Kara ignored him and even deleted his numbers from his mobile phone. Suffice to say that he is not the first player to try such a stunt.”

For the record, at no juncture did our president and/or any official of FC.AK. deposit any monies into Mr. Babale’s bank account or approach him with the intention of throwing away a game.

“We have no reason to ask anyone to ‘throw’ a game, because we are playing well and are winning the games on the pitch and not in boardrooms. Our youngsters are committed to win promotion and we are well on our way, but as expected, when people realise that nothing is going to stop us on the pitch, sinister forces start to play ‘God’ with our future.

“As management of FC AK we view these allegations in a serious light and as a concerted effort by certain individuals to collectively destroy our team that is performing very well on the pitch, where it matters most.

“We also take umbrage in the manner in which this matter has been handled, including learning through electronic media that FC AK is to appear before a DC of the League.

“We also strongly detest the sensationalizing of this matter by announcing it via Radio Metro and qualifying it as ‘Breaking News’, even before informing our attorney or President.

“What is most disappointing is the way in which this story was made public knowledge by the PSL.

“We are more than ready to respond to these allegations at the right forum to clear the name of our President and club. We also reserve our rights against those who are bent on tarnishing our image and reputation with such ludicrous and defamatory allegations. We will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth.”