Fifa rejects 'games abroad' plans


“This does not take into consideration the fans of the clubs and it gives the impression that they just want to go on tour to make some money,” Blatter said.

“This will never happen, at least as long as I am the president of Fifa.”

Blatter’s comments, in an interview with BBC Sports editor Mihir Bose, are the strongest from the governing body since the Premier League’s plans were revealed last week.


English top-flight clubs will consider plans to extend the season to 39 games with the extra matches taking place overseas. But the idea has met with resistance in Asia, Europe and fans in England.

Blatter’s stance effectively leave the proposals, for a round of games to take place in five different host cities from January 2011, dead in the water.

“The Premier League is richer than the others, they have more responsibility and what they are trying to do is contrary to this responsibility,” he said.

“This is something I cannot understand and definitely the Fifa executive committee will not sanction such an initiative.”

A Premier League spokesman said the clubs would “look forward to the opportunity to meet with Fifa in order to discuss this matter in full.”