Fifa remain positive


It was a gloomy breakfast today with confirmed news of an Austrian tourist being murdered on a golf course on the KZN South coast on Friday. Blatter, however, refused to be drawn into commenting on the crime merely saying that, "I don't comment on crime otherwise I would be commenting on crime in some big, big countries too. Football did not make this crime, but a human being."

Fifa, based on information from the police, were today able to confirm that the deceased was not part of any footballing body.

"There are problems, but this is worldwide. Crime is worldwide," the president went on to say.

"Football brings hope and the world game can help solve the crime issues around the globe. We all need to be positive."

Blatter went on to say that he feels some areas of concern were showing signs of positive endings.

"We can make solutions to hotels and accommodation as well as tickets. There are already initiatives taking place. We are confident that the stadium workers will show determination and the will to carry on with their jobs with no more interruptions."

Yesterday Blatter made a memorandum of agreement with the workers ensuring they would receive Christmas bonuses should they not down tools again.

"We found a solution here in Durban and I believe we can use this method Greenpoint and Port Elizabeth too. But those stadiums will now be ready for 2010 and not in time for th Confederations Cup in 2009. Remember there are just over 900 days left till the event and a lot can still be built. As long as the determination is there."

"At the World Cup, the soul of the country gets presented to the world and that's why the past few tournaments were all different and the problems were very different. But it is not uncommon to have issues," he says.

"In Germany and France there were security worries and also ticketing issues. In Korea/Japan travelling was difficult because the event was held in two countries."

On the field many are concerned about the ability of Bafana Bafana to give a good showing, like hosts Germany and Korea did in the past two events, which proved absolutely essential for the mood and success of the entire tournament..

Blatter said: "Logistics are important. But it is important for Bafana to have a strong team."

"It is time for the team to wake up because in Ghana next year (the African Nations Cup finals), everyone will be watching South Africa with big interest," Blatter says.

"The PSL, Safa need to work together and work very hard to take the national team forward."