Fifa to target unauthorised agents


Blatter, who described unauthorised agents as ‘false prophets’, said their existence was one of the most serious problems being confronted by the continent because these bogus agents have over the years succeeded in luring talented young African footballers to Europe with the promise of finding them supposedly lucrative teams and contracts.

Speaking in Accra on Saturday, Blatter said such moves, apart from its negative effects on the development of football in Africa, could also be described as a form of slavery, hence the need to bring an end to it.

“These supposed prophets on reaching Europe, disappear leaving the players to their fate and so there is the need for the various FA’s and clubs to take active role in curbing this menace.”

He said African FA's and clubs must help Fifa to deal with the situation by providing adequate evidence to track the agents down, adding that his outfit would take a serious look at the problem at its next strategic meeting.