Fifa's artificial pitch plan may hit snags


“I think it’s now time in this region to think about artificial turf. Artificial turf is a solution, you can use it more than just once a week,” the head of football's governing body told BBC Sport.

Under the ‘Win in Africa with Africa’ project, Fifa is laying an artificial pitch in all 53 of its member countries on the continent.

South Africa was an exception, but in the light of Blatter’s latest remarks this could change.

Since Blatter’s disclosure two incidents have emerged which could prove a stumbling block to Fifa’s plans.

Firstly, there was a hue and cry in Tanzania at the weekend when it became impossible to play a league tie at the country’s refurbished National Stadium as a recently laid artificial turf was not accompanied by a proper drainage network.

A torrential downpour rendered the pitch unusable because the drainage proved inadequate.

In Uganda, a recently laid artificial pitch has been severely criticized by some conservationists, including a senior government official, who maintain that certain environmental issues were not taken into consideration before the pitch was laid.

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