French coach Guy Roux accuses Portugal winger Renato Sanches of age-cheating


Roux, who worked at Auxerre for more than four decades, bringing through a host of exciting players at the French club, has told Dolce Sport he believes that the Portugal midfielder is into his early twenties, and not a teenager as claimed.

"He says that he is 18 years old, but I believe that we have to look at his past. His date of birth was declared years after he was born, so his registered date is not correct. I can assure you that he is 23 or 24."

Roux was apparently referring to an article by Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias, which stated that Sanches' birthday, August 18, 1997, wasn't registered until 2002. This was however partially explained by the player's parents having split up.

Sanches has hit back at the rumours, telling Desporto: "Not everything in football is good. There are those who love you and others who don't. I grew up in Portugal, I spent 10 years at Benfica, how can I be 25? There is no logic to what some people say."