Geyer returns to training at Swallows


Geyer, who joined Swallows at the beginning of the year after being released by Ajax Cape Town, has spent the past five months on the sidelines.

“As far as I know I am still under contract with Swallows up to the end of the season. The club has never mentioned anything about releasing me, so I remain a Swallows player,” says Geyer.

The former youth international adds that he has returned to training this week.

“I am back in Johannesburg and started training this week. I got injured after being tackled by a Jomo Cosmos player and had a knee operation five months ago to fix the torn cruciate ligament. The operation was done in Cape Town where I also did my rehabilitation while being close to my family.

“While I have started training with the team, I am only jogging and doing the light drills which involve the ball.

“I am really feeling much better though there is a bit of pain when I do exercises that force me into certain positions. But the doctors have told me that I need another month or so before I am ready to play,” he says.

Geyer played for Amaglug-glug after the Wonke Wonke Project and made his PSL debut during the 2005-06 season, but played just three games for Ajax before leaving for Swallows.

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