Gie says he is not party to Ndlovu deal


In fact, he adds, he has been totally against accepting the reported R6,2-million deal with former Benoni Premier United boss Dumisani Ndlovu.

Gie believes that the root of the lack of transparency lies in the fact that if Ndlovu is connected to the deal he will be contravening the League rules.

“Ndlovu is buying the company, which includes the players, so they have to honour the contracts. Whether they’ll pay the existing players out or keep them on paying them at the end of the month, remains to be seen.

“I think Ndlovu has a bit of a problem; according to the League rules you are not allowed to own a club after selling one for three years. And he has just sold his previous club to Thanda Royal Zulu.

“I have not seen the deed of sale and it is still up to the Board of the PSL to ratify the sale and I think their next meeting is at the end of November. Maybe that is why they are not registering the former Benoni players at the club now. They are waiting for the green light from the League.

“When Ndlovu arrived here on Tuesday, he told me and the players that he had bought the club on Saturday. I own 20 percent of the company shares, George Scalcoyannis owns 20 percent and there is a third party that has the remaining 60 percent. I’ve been trying to get to the truth of the matter from the other guys, but I have not met with success yet.

But anyway, I’m taking steps to sort this out because I have to see everything before the deal can be sealed.

“Look, I was prepared to stay on board if I had shares in the new deal, but I’m not prepared to work my guts out like I have been doing and then in a year’s time he sells it for R50-million and there’s nothing in it for you.

“I don’t think I could work with the new crowd; I’ve seen how they operate and we don’t come out of the same school.”