HRC accepts Khoza's apology


Khoza met with the SA Human Rights Commission’s chairperson Mr. Jody Kollapen; the Chief Executive Officer Adv Tseliso Thipanyane and Commissioner Dr. Zonke Majodina to resolve the controversy raised by utterance on February 18.

After a cordial and frank discussion, Khoza read to the parties present the statement he had prepared whilst overseas.

He explained that he had written this statement after seeing the Orange Free State University racist video on the news.

“I humbly submit to all South Africans that at no stage did I intend to open the wounds and hurt our people suffered from racism. Whereas it was never my intention to use the k-word to demean or impair anyone’s dignity - but to shock a brother to his senses, the revelation of the racist video in Bloemfontein has led me to view my use of the k-word in a different light.

“I do not want to present an opportunity to those whose intention it is to perpetuate racism the convenience of quoting me when they do so.

“I, therefore, unreservedly and without qualification repeat my apology for using the k-word.”

Kollapen added that the SA Human Rights Commission accepted the apology and regards the matter as closed.”