Hugo Lloris: Euro 2016 has united France


The Paris attacks claimed the lives of 130 people in November, signalling one of the darkest hours in the country's history.

While nothing will truly eradicate the pain of the horrific incidents that took place on that fateful night, Lloris believes that France's run to the final of the competition has certainly lifted spirits.

“Of course we've had some very tough times this year, both with those tragic events but also with events that have gone on off the field,” Lloris told reporters.

“But we're even prouder to be on the pitch, to really feel the entire French population behind us, to feel this happiness which is really shared between the players and the French people.

“That gives us greater strength, it's lovely to see, but we still have that final step to take to really finish this competition in the best possible fashion.

“I think the French people really needed to escape via this competition and sport has this strength to bring people together, to unite people. You can see that very clearly - we can see that because we are currently experiencing it.

“But we still have one step to take. It's certainly the hardest one, but it's well worth it to finish in a good way.”