Hunt slams PSL break


“I totally disagree with the break, it’s an absolute disgrace, I think we should just play through,” says Hunt.

“The Nations Cup tournament has got to move to the northern season when the European Championships are held [June/July], and just plan everything in that period. It makes so much more sense, that’s my feeling, but obviously, the powers that be know better.”

_quoteHunt told the media that it has been a rocky start for him at Supersport United, but that he now feels the club is moving in the right direction and he may even contemplate giving a few youngsters their debuts in the New Year.

“We’ve won three of our last five games, while the losses should have been draws, and we had some great opportunities, but just haven’t scored goals. Although I need to strengthen the squad, it is not good bringing in players who are not better than what you have.

“I have three or four youngsters I think are excellent and I prefer to give them the chance. Maybe the time has come for them to play, I’ve just have to be brave enough.

“It was a good performance against Golden Arrows on Wednesday night, although we’ve played better and lost. The three points are more important than the performance and it’s important to finish the half-way mark in a good position to be right up there with the leaders,” he adds.