"It's going to be a beautiful World Cup" - Parreira


In one of his first interviews after returning to South America, Parreira told the media that, prior to his arrival in South Africa, the team “used to play ugly, direct football.

“The team has already begun to incorporate quick ‘one-twos’ - something that they didn't know how to do. They used to play ugly, direct football.

“I have seen improvements after friendly internationals against strong sides such as the US, Uruguay and Scotland, and expect them to do well.

“There is a huge expectation in South Africa that Bafana will reach the second round of the 2010 World Cup.

“It’s going to be a beautiful World Cup, a surprise. The nine or ten stadiums that are going to be used are well ahead of schedule. South Africa’s hotels, transport and telephone systems are of good quality. They have everything but the major worry is security – but that’s no different or worse than we see in Brazil today.”

Parreira said that apart from Joel Santana, he had supplied Safa with a huge list of possible successors.

“I wouldn’t like to give all the names but included were Luis Felipe Scolari [Brazil’s 2002 World Cup coach] and Vanderlei Luxemburgo da Silva who is currently head coach at Palmeiras.

“But we came to the conclusion that these two would be too pricey and difficult for South Africa to get hold of. That’s when there was a consensus for Santana,” he added.

The former Bafana mentor also confirmed that he would not be working outside Brazil again, preferring to remain in his home city of Rio de Janeiro.

“Although I’d like to work in Rio, I would accept a post anywhere in Brazil,” he told Estado de São Paulo newspaper.