Jordaan reveals why Cosmos are struggling


“It is frightening that Cosmos now find themselves in such a situation at this stage of the season. This is really scary and I get worried every time I look at the log and get to see where they are…it is sad,” says the retired defender.

“I met Jomo [Sono] a while ago and he sounded pretty confident that they will survive. I also hope so. But it is disturbing that Cosmos is fighting relegation because I am used to them challenging for things and not trying to run away from the drop,” says Jordaan, who captained Cosmos for about five years.

_quoteThe towering Jordaan, who played close to 200 games for Cosmos, reckons there is a sense of lack of responsibility in the current crop of players.

“It is unbelievable that Cosmos have scored just 13 goals in 27 games. That is a terrible statistic that should worry anyone anywhere in the world. The problem with Cosmos is that they are not scoring and they have to start scoring, by hook or by crook, if they are to survive. The reality is that if Cosmos doesn’t score in the remaining games then it is trouble.

“They need to show responsibility in the box. The current players just don’t want to win; it appears they are satisfied with a draw. When I played at Cosmos there were players like Benjani [Mwaruwari] and Esau [Kanyenda] who wanted to win matches for us, but who is doing that for Cosmos now. The players are not even showing any pride of wanting to play for Jomo. That has all evaporated.

“The players have to look at themselves and make a decision about if they deserve to play for Cosmos; they have to show commitment rather than relax in the comfort zone.

“They seem to be satisfied with sitting on the bench and getting paid at the end of the month. They think more about what they are paid than the contribution that they make,” says the man known as ‘River’ in his hey day.

Jordaan says it is scary that Ezenkosi are dicing on the edges of the drop zone.

“Their position is making me nervous. I really don’t want to see them go down as that will affect all the good that we did when we contributed towards the success of the club.

Now retired Jordaan served as a central defender at Cosmos before moving to Mamelodi Sundowns before his career began to wilt.