Juventus outline new transfer strategy and target 'the next Cristiano Ronaldo'


Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has said signing Ronaldo was just the latest step in his club's bid to become the best in the world.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Agnelli explained how the deal, which is estimated to be worth a combined €340m including salary payments - was not only financially viable, but will actually boost his club's revenue.

"It was the first time that the commercial side and the sporting side of Juventus came together in assessing the costs and benefits [of a signing]," he said.

"The opportunity of Ronaldo was thoroughly assessed and it made sense, both on and off the pitch."

Juve rank 10th in Europe on annual revenue, while they are hampered in comparison to English clubs by significantly lower television revenue in Italy.

Juve's share price has already doubled since Ronaldo's signing was announced and it is calculated that the commercial benefits of having the Portuguese forward will overtake TV revenue as the Italian club's main source of income.

Spending so much money on a player who turns 34 in February has been a source of criticism, but Agnelli insists the club will use the increase in revenue to sign the next major superstar before he reaches his full potential.

"We need to put ourselves in a position to sign the next Cristiano Ronaldo," Agnelli said. "But this time at 25 years old."

Progressing to another Champions League final, a third in five years. would also be a major source of extra income and Agnelli, who took charge of Juve in 2010, has said it is all part of a plan to restore Juve among the elite of world football.

"We will plan, one after the other, the last remaining steps to become number one," he added.

Juve have won Serie A for the past seven straight seasons, although they have not won the Champions League since 1996.