Keyona Team captain confident of beating Free State Stars


Nene, who plays as a central defender, insists he feels no intimidation factor coming into play ahead of the contest in Tembisa.

The youngster respects the aggressive style of Ea Lla Koto, but reckons the team are not as good as they were last season.

"They are no longer winning like they used to, so that gives us a chance to get a win. We are not that scared. Yes, they look good on TV but that won't be much of a problem to us. I don't know, maybe some of our players are scared but ... Ja hey they are a rough team, they are very aggressive but still that doesn't scare us. We also want success out of this. Our coach advised us to play with our hearts.

"The atmosphere is good in the team. We are happy, we are united. We've been playing some friendly games, we are prepared for Sunday. Our squad looks strong. The way we play it's very offensive because we played against Highlands Park and it was a good game. So it shows that we can play against any PSL team. There are a lot of chances of us winning Sunday's game."

No Keyona Team has ever won against a PSL side, but Nene believes that is about to change.

"What will help us differ from the other Keyona teams is what our coach has told us. We will need to be more offensive compared to the other teams."

Nene says his wish is to see himself playing in the Absa Premiership after the match.

"My wish is to play in the professional level. For now no team has approached me but any team would be fine with me as long as it is in the PSL."