Khan speaks out on 'parting ways'


“It was not a dismissal, we parted ways amicably. I don’t know who forged the signature, but it was not Afzal Khan and I’m very clear about that,” he told the media.

“The club is very clear about that as well and the president of the club, Patrice Motsepe, announced at the press conference that I was cleared and innocent but in the best interests it was agreed that I would part ways. So it was amicable.

_quote“I had no reason to forge Torrealba’s signature because there was no need for any signature to start with. Why should I attempt to forge Jose Torrealba’s signature if it were not required?

“My leadership with clubs for the past 16 years hasn’t brought me into any of this type of controversy, so I’m certainly not involved in any fraud.”

However, the man who has had spells at Manning Rangers and Santos, did admit that there were a lot of pressures and stresses at Sundowns and that he had to take some sort of responsibility for the whole affair.

“I run the organization; I run the day-to-day affairs at the club and had to take some sort of responsibility – like in your household if your maid burns down the kitchen, you’ve got to take responsibility,” Khan adds.

When asked if he wanted to know who the culprit was, or if he’d perhaps bitten the bullet for someone else, the former Sundowns’ employee explained: “I think it is water under the bridge; the most important thing is that the club will grant the player his clearance.

“I’m big enough; I can take it on the chin and get on with my life. Football is my passion; I’ve served Sundowns, where I believe I added more value.”

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