We are also looking at bringing in several new interactive features which, along with the daily breaking news, results, fixtures and league tables, will mean you have everything your soccer-crazy mind needs right at your fingertips. And you are now also able to comment on every story, meaning you stay in touch with your fellow soccer lovers. All this, and it costs you next to nothing - roughly 30c for every 10 minutes spent browsing. This is your operator's data charges. To access our mobile site, simply type into the browser on your cellphone, or SMS ‘Kick Off’ to 32511 to be sent the address to your phone (SMSes charged at R1). Ensure that your cellphone is WAP-enabled. If you have not yet enabled it, follow these steps:  MTNDial 12313# and Save (or phone 808 [contract] or 173 [pay-as-you-go])If prompted for a password – 1234 VodacomDial *111#, select option 4 or 5 and follow the prompts (or phone 082 111)If prompted for a password – 1234 Cell CSMS ‘SMARTDATA’ to084 115 9911If prompted for a password – 1234