Komesti reveals why he left Black Aces


Kometsi, who has just joined Gauteng Vodacom League side BK Callies on a short term contract running to the end of the season, says he is not the kind to cause disciplinary problems.

“What happened at Aces was that the coach initially told me that he wanted to sign me after having seen what I could offer at training. He told me to then bring my clearance and identity card the next day and that I would meet with management.

_quote“I was told to present myself for another meeting the following week and when I got there I was told that I would not be signed.

“I then informed the coach about what had transpired with management and then packed my bags seeing that I wasn’t going to be signed.

“Now I hear that I allegedly ‘disappeared’ from training. That is definitely sending out the wrong impression about me; I don’t do such things.

“I have decided to join Callies because I want to continue playing in order to maintain my fitness,” says Kometsi.

The School of Excellence graduate adds that his one year stay with Cetinkaya in Cyprus was a real test of character.

“I went through a testing time in Cyprus which has made me change my mind to continuing with my career here at home.

“It was tough being so far away from home and not being paid. Sometimes I would be paid only part of my salary late; other times I was not paid at all. That’s why I parted ways the club that was struggling financially.

“Apart from that it was fine playing and gaining experience in another country. The stay overseas has definitely made me stronger,” he says.

The 26-year-old made his debut during the 1999-2000 season was capped at Amajita and Amaglug-glug level.