Lebohang Kukame shares with readers how muti almost costed him his football career


According to Kukame, muti is a big thing in South African football and it is even used by national teams.

"It's not a secret that most teams in South Africa use muti," Kukame says.

"So some of us we get threatened if we don't believe in such things,

"If you don't join up and do as the 'Romans' do you are being threatened, denied game time, or you are fined or demoted because if you don't do it you are going to be a problem, you are going to affect the muti.

"When I was at Cosmos there was a stage where our goalkeeper Simon Gopane - remember he was a church person and at Cosmos muti was compulsory.

"During camps, we would leave the hotel around 12 a.m. and go to the beach to perform some muti rituals.

"So Gopane had a problem with all that so he didn't want to do it, he was removed from the team same time,

"And from there he was given his clearance and his contract was terminated.

"I also didn't like the muti thing but because I wanted to play and believed in Jomo Sono and wanted to create the team spirit, I ended up doing what the Romans were doing.

"On match days, we would find our dressing room full of smoke and there was some white stuff that looked like milk on the floor.

"So we had to cope because we wanted to continue playing, even in the national team, Amaglug-glug, we had such things, they used to smear something on our foreheads.

"But the way I see it, it worked because Amaglug-glug were not losing games, maybe we had real Inyangas there.

"At Celtic, I never experienced any muti practices, but what would happen is we always found our kit a bit damp.

"But at Cosmos whenever I used their muti I always got injured, but when I was at Celtic I played every weekend and never got injured.

"When Cosmos loaned me to Supersport United I played the whole six months without getting injured, but when I went back to Cosmos again I played one game and got injured, So I didn't understand.

"So somewhere, somehow, I thought muti had an effect on me getting injured,” he said.

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