LeRoy lays into media


The Frenchman denied the Ghanaian public had been unhappy with the performance of the team in their first two games and insisted the criticisms of the team were coming from media men who were hiding behind the cloak of public perception.

“Everyday when we have driven through the city to go to training, the people have responded very well to us. The criticism of the team has not come from the public, it has come from the media,” he said.

LeRoy’s Black Stars were heavily criticised and written off after failing to impress in their two previous games against Guinea and Namibia and the Frenchman and his players took the opportunity of a media briefing to hit back.

He said the criticism was “rough” and that even though he did not listen to the radio or read newspaper, he had heard some words that shocked him.

“People think they know when in truth they don’t. I think it is important to be positive. Maybe all that created some kind of reaction from the players, but we would rather prefer a more positive attitude in the country than what we got from the last weekend.”