Lionel Messi will reverse his decision to retire says former Argentina coach Luis Menotti


Messi's shock retirement last month came after Argentina were beaten on penalties by Chile in the Copa America final.

Argentina's 1978 World Cup-winning coach Menotti weighed in on the issue, claiming Messi is likely to reverse his decision.

"It's very difficult to give an opinion as Messi said what he said. There comes a time when the motivation to be in the national team is lost, for thousands of reasons I cannot explain," said Menotti.

"You would have to discuss it with him. I believe there were many things he experienced, and then they did not win. I believe Messi will change his mind."

Argentinian football has undergone a tumultuous period with a permanent successor to former Argentinian Football Association president Julio Grondona, who died in 2014, yet to be named.

"I do not remember a situation as chaotic. Since I have been involved in football, the presidents were the people who loved their club and wanted to help – then we went into the world of business," continued Menotti.

"I do not want to make coarse comparisons, but in the US when Al Capone was taken to prison it was the biggest crisis in the mafia because everyone wanted to take his place and nobody was capable.

"It used to be handled with the accompaniment of good results, with the figure of Maradona too.

"The only way out of this crisis would have been if Argentina had won."