LOC launches specialist health care project


The new overall medical programme will range from injury prevention, nutrition consultation to anti-doping activities pre and during the Fifa World Cup in 2010 and the Fifa Confederations Cup 2009.

It will be managed by the world body’s Chief Medical Officer Prof Jiri Dvorak in close collaboration with OC general medical Officer Dr Victor Ramathesele.

“The OC has a legacy policy that seeks to ensure that football has sustainable gains that derive from the 2010 Fifa World Cup and related activities,” Irvin Khoza, chairperson of the LOC told the gathering.

“With regard to health and medical services, and in close collaboration with Safa structures, including the Premier Soccer League, the OC has embarked on a campaign to involve healthcare professionals who are associated with football in most of these activities.”

“The improvement of medical facilities and services in the stadiums will help us achieve these legacy ideals. This will be further enhanced by the Education, Training and Development courses that the LOC Medical Advisory Team will be developing for the service providers,” Khoza said.

The Medical Advisory Team will comprise: Prof. Martin Schwellnus (chairperson), Dr Victor Ramathesele, Prof Efraim Kramer, Prof Sam Mokgokong, Prof Tim Noakes, Prof Mike Lambert, Prof Bongani Mayosi, Prof. Pieter van der Merwe, Peter Fuhri and Khalid Galant. Ex-officio member: Dennis Mumble (Chief Competitions Officer)

The team will formulate of policies, protocols and Standard Operating Procedures for provision of essential medical services at various venues and events.

This includes the 24 hour availability of specialist and Sports Medicine services for the participating teams. It will also coordinate scientific support, medical education and training for the healthcare providers.

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