Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola clamps down on out of shape players


Speaking at a press conference in China ahead of Manchester City's 2016 International Champions Cup fixture against Borrussia Dortmund, the France international highlighted Guardiola's immense impact - both on and off the field.

"Everything has been clear - on the field, outside the field, every detail counts," Clichy told reporters.

"If your weight is too high, you're not training with the team. So we have a few players who are not training with the team yet.

"You have to take responsibility. You have to know that if your weight is 60kg and you are on 70kg then you cannot play because you're going to get injured and get your team in trouble."

The former Arsenal defender also indicated that special conditioning programmes had been established and that players had been banned from eating certain foods by Guardiola and his staff.

"He has also cut out some juices and pizza and all the heavy food is not allowed. Some people think 'that's normal, it should be like this' but it's not always like this and I know because I've been playing football for a long time.

"It's really refreshing and very exciting. He just wants us to trust him, he wants to trust us and I think it's the right way to start a relationship," the 31-year-old said.

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