McCarthy leads the pack


McCarthy has been organising the FA McCarthy Schools tournament since 2001. In the past, this tournament has been staged in the North West Province and in Kuruman in the Northern Cape, where McCarthy was born.

However, the player reveals that this year’s event will be staged in Kimberley in the Northern Cape on May 31.

“I was requested to stage the tournament in Kimberley this year and preparations are well under way,” he says.

McCarthy says staging the tournament each year gives him an opportunity to plough back into the community that has supported him in his playing career.

“The winning school will receive a floating trophy, kit and gold medals sponsored by me. The hosts will also receive a playing kit. However, I am still looking for people who are interested in partnering me, so that it can benefit more youngsters.”

McCarthy is also inviting all the players with roots in the region to support the tournament.

“It would be nice to have professional players from the province supporting the tournament. That would motivate the new generation of players,” he adds.

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