Moloto outlines plans at Sundowns


“Currently Sundowns have been the only team that has actually been playing very, very effective football, very good football. They may have started badly in the League, but it is still early in the season and I’m sure with their convincing type of football, things will improve soon,” he says.

“I’ve actually contributed to Sundowns during the time of shoeshine and piano, and I think it would be wise for me to go in there and maybe bring the old memories back.”

He told Metro FM that there were some areas of play that needed to be polished and some other factors that needed addressing. And although he will occupy an inferior post to Igesund, he is confident that the wealth of experience the pair have gained together over the years in the sport, will result in the club reaching new heights on the African continent.


“Sundowns have actually become big in terms of demands, and they have achieved so much in South Africa and on the continent but they have never had the opportunity to reach that higher level. This is one of the areas where Gordon and I have to sit down and discuss as we have collective experience. He has been in Africa with different teams, like Ajax, Manning Rangers, Santos and now with Sundowns.

“I, too, been in Africa in the past, and we need to approach this together to take Sundowns to a different position altogether.

“It’s important for me to go back to contribute to developing football and to be in Sundowns because who knows, we might even get the opportunity of actually fine tuning some of their best for the pool of players in the national team. That is exactly what has been worrying me, of course.”

Referring to the fact that he has once held the highest post in SA and now will only be an assistant, Moloto compared himself to Manchester United’s assistant coach Carlos Queiroz.

“Sir Alex Ferguson has never been a national coach in the past, but Carlos, his assistant, was once our coach. And there is a very good working relationship between the two of them. I actually see myself sticking to my role, and although I’ve been to the World Cup and to the Afcon Finals, all I want to do is add value to the team,” he adds.

  • Ferguson did coach Scotland for 10 games after the death of Jock Stein ahead of the 1986 World Cup.