More Celtic players put on transfer


The trio joins Thapelo Liau and Jonathan Solomons who are on their way out at Phunya Sele Sele.

Celtic CEO Ike Augousti tells that a number of players have been placed on transfer, however he declines to name them, saying it is not proper to reveal their identities unless he gets permission from their agents.

Sikhakhane says that even though he has not received anything official from the club, he has heard from sources that he is among those that have been put on transfer.

“I have heard about the transfer list and have been told by insiders that I am on it. But I have heard nothing officially from the club.

“At the moment I am still training with the team and will continue to do so while I wait to see what is going to happen.”

Both Sikhakhane and Mzizi found themselves in hot water with Celtic Disciplinary Committee at one stage during the season this season for alleged coming to training under the influence of alcohol.

Liau and Solomons have not seen much action since the start of the season.