Mayoyo: FS Stars died with Bra Mike


The former owner Mokoena of 'Ea lla Koto' died in 2020.

According to reports, the club has now been sold to a Mpumalanga businessman that is based in Pretoria.

Club chairman Rantsi Mokoena could not be reached for comment.

"The day they released coach Mayoyo that's the day you started taking decisions to save budget," Mayoyo tells KickOff.

"That relieves of coach Mayoyo was for saving costs.

"We must remember that with business even if you can inherit it from your father, it won't be yours at any given time it will remain his.

"So these boys (Mokoena sons) I don't think they had the vision, from last season how can you expect Paulos Masehe to compete with only eight matches remaining?

"To be honest Free State Stars died with Bra Mike.

"You know once someone younger than you hires you to be a coach then during meetings he tells you he knows football better than you then there's a problem.

"On Wednesday they sent the players to Pretoria, once the players got there the new owners told them to go and look for jobs elsewhere."

Club legend John Tlale echoed Mayoyo's sentiments on the matter.

"It's sad my brother, very sad because if you look at it in Free State we've got nothing now that we can be proud of, it hurt my brother," Tlale says.

"I think this situation exists because our Free State government is not doing enough you see, hence all our teams struggling.

"This wouldn't be happening if these clubs had support from the government.

"Taking over from Bra Mike was really big shoes to fill.

"Free State Stars is my home, we were there three weeks ago with Steve Khompela, and Serame Letsoaka showing concern, we wanted to assist the team so that they could be back in the PSL again."