Morgan Mammila accused of being a dictator at Royal Eagles as their new CEO


Mammila, who has held similar positions at Absa Premiership sides like Baroka and Chippa United, is also being accused of threatening a South African Football Players Union (SAFPU) co-ordinator from KwaZulu-Natal.

"Morgan Mammila arrives there and is terminating the players' contracts," a source tells

"He tells other players that he is reducing their salaries... where did you ever hear of such a thing? Telling the players that the team is where it is because of them. The union intervened and told the players that they should not leave their jobs until they are given letters that tells them so.

"So he failed because the players refused to sign those letters. They went to training the following day where Morgan was even threatening the union's co-ordinator that is working from Durban. It's important for soccer followers to know that. Even now some of the players are still paid half-salaries. They claim the players' accounts were not correct."

Asked about the allegations, Mammila did not deny the claims and said he is acting in both the club and players' best interests.

"But all the teams' players are not happy, Swallows, Sundowns [laughs], you go to Sundowns some people are training left and right, they are on the grandstand everywhere... you see that's football," he argues.

"And it's players that are not doing enough. You know players that are not doing enough, they want to be media officers, they forget about playing football. It happens you know. Since I arrived here there's no problem of money, I don't know anything about a problem of money to be honest. People are just taking advantage of the team.

"The thing is, players are overcrowded here so we need to terminate some, and we are going to do that whether they like it or not. For their own benefit, because you can't be in a team where you can't play. You know if you are player you'll be happy to go somewhere where you will play, unless if you doubt your ability, to just want to sit and get a salary every month you know.

"But there is no use as a player if you are told that you will not be considered, then you just want to be part of the team. It happens, that's football business for you. You can't run away from it. So those kind of talks will always be there, that's part and parcel of football.

"The thing is, some people they don't know their line and respect. SAFPU they won't go to [Kaizer] Chiefs' training field, one thing's for sure. But because they undermine some other teams they go and watch... and when we talk to our players because that's our office, they walk into it. So I told him [the SAFPU co-ordinator] he must know his lane. This is our office, if he wants to talk to us they've got our email, they can phone us, they can phone me, they can email me and make an appointment.

"I respect the union and I've been working closely with the union, so you can ask the big boys there. And some people we don't know them, they are just telling us they are working at the union and there's no proof that he is working for the union. So I said 'you must know your lane my brother, you can't just come into my office and start talking to me while I don't know you'.

"So I've been working with the union closely from Baroka. And we don't know which team is he supporting, he is watching our training session and will tell our opponent how are we training or what is our starting eleven. If someone is undermining us as a team I won't tolerate that. I won't just go and pitch up at the union's office without an appointment and just make noise there. I respect myself."