Gallants: 'We are Nedbank champions not TTM


The two Limpopo clubs meet in the semi-finals of the Nedbank Cup set to take place on 17 April 2022.

After purchasing TTM from Lawrence Mulaudzi, under his leadership Gallants owner Abram Sello, the club lifted the 2021 Nedbank Cup.

"It cannot be TTM," Gallants media officer Rufus Matsema tells KickOff.

"This thing is simple and straightforward, I mean if you have a surname and you change it, it doesn't mean your achievements are now all gone.

"Because if we wanted to stay with the name and never changed to Marumo Gallants we would still be TTM isn't it?

"We are the defending champions, not TTM, TTM is not the defending champions.

"Let's suppose they didn't have a status in the GladAfrica Championship, would you still call them defending champions?

"We are the defending champions, it's straightforward.

"Remember we had the name (TTM), and the name personally I mean it didn't mean much to us when we say Vhadau Vha Damani referring to us I mean...and we cannot be that, can we?

"Vhadau is a clan name, and Marumo is a clan name for our chairman.

"So we cannot be Vhadau when there's no link between ourselves and the Venda nation.

"That is why we had to come up with our own identity.

"So when they got the status from Royal AM they then renamed the team TTM."