Mngqithi: 'Gaston like a new signing'


"As for Gaston it was not particularly on him, Mngqithi said.

"Personally as a coach, there's one paranoia that I have, where I am weary of matches where everyone says we're guaranteed to win.

"Those matches are for me the ones where I want us to dig deeper from a training perspective and a motivational perspective.

"While understanding that as a team at any given stage if it's not about the character it should be that you show us you should play in the big matches.

"By making sure that when you a given a chance in these so-called smaller matches you show that you are a bigger player than for those small contests.

"We put a lot of pressure on them where these performances must say who can we select for the upcoming matches.

"With Gaston is like a new acquisition for us, where we are excited as a technical team. When you look at Gaston you can say this is like a new player for us.

"As he hasn't played and he is fresh and can still help us going forward, and when he performs like this we get excited.

"When we see a player who is given an opportunity and then really stamping his authority it encourages us."