TS Galaxy coach Dan Malesela guards against talking about bonuses as they look to make history in the Nedbank Cup


Galaxy are the only National First Division side left in the competition, after they came from behind to beat Cape Umoya United 2-1 in the quarterfinals.

"It's a draw you know, so any team could have come out," Malesela tells snl24.com/kickoff

"So we are fine with any other team because you have to play somebody, so it's not such a big deal it's fine. We actually have to get ourselves ready for anything because we can't pick and choose.

"We can't say we now in the semifinal so we are okay we satisfied. We'll compete to reach the final. You can't be satisfied with the semifinals. If we come this far then it might be fair to reach the final. We will give it our best. Football is football, we have not played a PSL team so far but the players are ready for that, they understand what is at stake. We need to have strong minds. Besides, as a First Division team we are playing to get to the PSL, so this is another way to prepare yourself to be ready. So this is a good platform to us to check that."

Malesela say he does not want to start talking about bonuses with the players if they go on to win the competition.

"I don't like talking about money. Yes it's a reality, but you can't talk about things you don't have. You have to get money first then you start giving out the money. You don't say if you do this we'll give you this, we'll give you that...get the money first.

"You can't go to the shop and say I want that car when you don't have the money. Get the money first and buy that car, don't go window shopping. So we don't want to window shop, we want to get the money first."