New Royal AM head coach Khabonina on his team's brand of football


Zondo, who left his successful businesses for the job, was recently appointed as the new man to lead Thwihli Thwahla.

Speaking to on Monday he promised to bring back the type of football most local football fans have been complaining about for more than a decade.

"How do you tell Messi to keep running forward?" Zondo tells

"I want my players to be comfortable on the ball, I want them to use their God-given talent.

"I don't want to limit them, we are not going to play textbook football.

"A football match should be entertaining and full of goals.

"To win the league you don't have to beat only one team, you need to win here and there and get a draw over there.

"I was told no pressure, I was told to just finish in the top eight. That's the mandate."

Zondo whose last job at club level was in 2016 at Royal Eagles, says most coaches jump from club to club because of being desperate.

"Another problem with us coaches, most of the time we think with our stomach.

"You should accept a job because of passion and not just take anything that gets thrown your direction."

The former South Africa Under - 20 coach previously worked at Golden Arrows and Bloemfontein Celtic.