NFA unhappy about threat to Eagles


The Eagles, playing in Sekondi, Ghana, were grouped alongside the Ivory Coast, Mali and Benin Republic and started on a poor note, losing 1-0 to the Ivorians and then drawing 0-0 against Mali before raising their game to beat Benin 2-0 in last match.

As a result, infuriated fans in Ghana and Nigeria, as well as Nigerian journalists, condemned the poor performance of the team and called for the review of Berti Vogts’ contract.

First vice-chairman of the NFA, Amanze Uchegbulam, however, condemned the threats to players and their families and urged Nigerian fans to always have patience before taking actions that they could regret later.

“Nigerians home and abroad should learn to be patient, tolerant and should stop condemning people. The parents are sending messages to players telling them that people were threatening them, that they are going to beat and kill them.

“This is not patriotic and not the best way to handle your selected players that represent a nation,” an angry Uchegbulam told in Sekondi.

“Some of the players have told us that their families received death threats and also threats to burn their houses in Nigeria. This is not good for football and the country.

“I believe that no player would like to lose a match for anything, he wants to make a name in the game and earn bonuses,” Uchegbulam stressed.