'No new players for Eagles'


Vogts, however, insisted that Nsofor would be the last of the 'unknowns' for the time being.

"No, no new players for now," Vogts tells Kick Off. "Already I have Kaita and Apam. They are national players and they play for the Olympic team. Also Adeleye was very good in the training sessions against Mexico and I watch him at Rotterdam.

"We have a good squad of about 30 to 35 players and it gives me a lot of options and I put pressure on the players and that is very good for me and for the players.

"But no. No new players. Maybe after the African Nations Cup we see."

NFA chiefs also made it clear in Zurich that all decisions on team selection rest with the coach.

"He is the technical man and it is up to him to select the players he wants," NFA Vice chairman Amanze Uchebulam tells Kick Off.

"Although we can suggest players to him, we cannot force him to accept them. If we make a suggestion and he feels it is good, then it is up to him to call the player.

"Look at Nsofor for instance. We suggested Nsofor, he invited him and the boy came and proved himself."