No penalty training for Black Stars


The Frenchman took his side through the drills at the final training session in Accra without working on their penalty routine as a team.

He insisted afterwards to that he did not think it was worth working on it.

“It is useless to work on penalties. It is not tactical or technical but purely an issue of nerves and mentality. You can score 50 penalties in training and still fail to do it in a match situation. It is only an issue of the mind.”

Ghanaian sides at every level from the national team to club sides have historically been poor in shoot-outs, with the most infamous loss coming the last time the Black Stars played in the Final of the Nations Cup in Senegal in 1992 against the Ivory Coast.

But Le Roy is convinced that with or without penalties, the Black Stars will play in Sunday’s Final.

“We have to be there on Sunday in the Final. There is no way we can be anywhere else,” he said.

LeRoy, who admits to having great affection for Cameroon as a country, says they will offer the Black Stars very stiff opposition.

“They are a well-balanced side and have scored a lot of goals, but we have to find a way to win.”

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