Nwosu gives up on Okocha's return


Nwosu tells KickOff.com that for a long time he had been in the forefront of a campaign for Okocha to return to the Super Eagles fold for the African Cup of Nations in Ghana but he now sees that it may no longer be possible.

“I am an integral part of that school of thought that believes Okocha should return to the team and I have clamoured for it for so long but Okocha insists he has quit the national team and will not make a return so why should I continue with the clamour?” Nwosu tells KickOff.com.

“We must agree that the team lacks an engine room, someone who can control the game and players. We certainly lack that person and I sincerely believed Okocha was still the man to do it.

_quote“I really have not seen anybody in the team right now that can do that and that is simply my worry,” says Nwosu.

“All we need are young players who will mark for him and Okocha will play well in the Super Eagles because we really have young players who will make the task easier for him.”

Nwosu however gave credit to Berti Vogts for picking a team that has the potential to rise to the occasion if they get into their stride.

“Overall, we have a very good team and I know we will do well at the Nations Cup,” Nwosu adds.