Nwosu upbeat about beating Ivorians


Nwosu said after all the hype before the game, the Super Eagles would emerge victorious to put an end to the arguments on which of the two countries is superior.

“I think it is because the Ivory Coast beat us two years ago in the semifinal, people now think they are a dominant force over Nigeria. But after 90 minutes in Sekondi all that will come to an end.

“I am still one of those that believe they beat us last time out through an off-side goal scored by Didier Drogba and that will not happen this time because our players will be more vigilant. As far as I am concerned that team cannot beat Nigeria again.”

Nwosu insists that the Eagles must take that match just like the final of the competition because that is the only way they can really give their all.

“I am not the coach. Berti is, and he has done a good job so far but if I had the chance to talk to the boys I will tell them to take the match like they are playing in the final. They must really give their all and take it as the best and the last match they will ever play in their lives. If they do this then they will guarantee victory for Nigeria.”

He extolled the virtues of the Eagles’ team saying they now have the playing personnel and the organisation to go all the way in Ghana.

“I know I will be misread to be saying this because I am Nigerian and once captained the team, but let us look at the team and judge for ourselves if this is not the best we have had in a very long time.

“We have top class players in the best leagues and, of course, we are getting it right on the organization. We also played our fair share of international friendly matches, something that hardly ever happens. And most of all, we haven’t heard the players challenge the FA on match bonuses and air ticket refunds so I am really optimistic.

“We will win and go all the way to the final,” Henry Nwosu enthused.