Okafor settles down in Finland


The Nigerian striker has completed two weeks of intensive training in pre-season at the club after having spent a lengthy spell on the sidelines, first with an injury and then club hunting.

“The weather conditions have been hostile since I arrived, but at least in the last two days the sun has come out a bit.

“With the physical training that the coach has put me through to enable me to get into shape, I will be well conditioned to play by the time the season starts. I have also been doing a lot of running though to date we have only played one friendly game indoors,” says Okafor.

“In European football it is different because you just have to keep on running throughout. But my intention is to regularly get myself to scoring goals again, while helping the team to win games. I haven’t set a concrete target but I want to make a solid contribution in the team by playing regularly,” he says.

The burly striker’s goals will certainly be needed to help KooTeePee, who finished 12th in the 14 team league last year to an improved standing this season.

Okafor becomes the second player to move from the PSL to the Finnish league in consecutive years, following behind Zambian Clive Hachilensa who has, however, since returned to his native land.

The 26-year-old has a one-year contract with the Finnish side that has also recruited two players of Swedish and US origin in recent weeks.