Papy Faty explains decision to ignore doctor's advice


In January the 28-year-old was advised to stop playing due to his heart condition and as a result his contract at National First Division side Real Kings was terminated.

Refusing to lie down, the Burundi international has resurfaced at Eswatini's Malanti Chiefs, where he has linked up with former Wits teammate Asive Langwe.

"I'm using a normal muti, African muti. That's why I have [played] three games nothing happened."

Asked about the reaction of the people of Eswatini when they first saw him in the country, he said: "[They were] shocked to see me there. Also the national team coach [Kosta Papic] because he knows me [from our time at Royal Eagles]. Yes, Papic asked me about my situation if I'm well because he was at the stadium when I was playing."

Faty has only signed a six-month deal with Chiefs, and he explained how he got to the Kingdom of Eswatini.

"The chairman of Malanti was a fan of mine. Someone told him about me being free then they contacted me. I never wanted much [more than a six-month deal] because after I came back from home I needed a taste before moving further," Faty explained.

"I came here for a taste first, if I pass it then my dream can come true. I will tell you after six months, you will be the first to know what made me come here. I'm with Asive Langwe, my former teammate, now we are here together. He's been here for a season now, this is his second I think."